Technology And Innovation


All processes are highly automated and interconnected, from raw material acceptance through to packaging and shipment. The production cycle research and development have been raised to the highest levels by the passion and ingenuity of a team with decades of experience in the industry.
Mechanical engineers will design and construct custom tools to meet various production needs.
These are some of the pillars that make Torneria Facchi a consolidated national and international benchmark in the sector.

Production Departments

Numerically Controlled Sliding-Head Single-Spindle Lathes

Min. Diam.: 02mm
Max. Diam.: 46mm

Numerically Controlled Fixed-Head Single-Spindle Lathes

Min. Diam.: 02mm
Max. Diam.: 51mm

Mechanical Multi-Spindle Lathes

Min. Diam.: 3mm
Max. Diam.: 42mm

Numerically Controlled Multi-Spindle Lathes

Min. Diam.: 6mm
Max. Diam.: 45mm

Transfer Machines

Min. Diam.: 8mm
Max. Diam.: 57mm

Materials processed

All our machines process metals such as aluminium, brass, free-cutting steel, stainless steel and copper. See the materials chart for specifications

Materials Datasheets