Torneria Facchi Franco has always aimed to provide customers with unbeatable quality and service. To achieve this, Torneria Facchi Franco has always believed in the technological innovation of its Quality Department, with latest-generation laboratory measuring instruments enabling complete control of every phase of the process.
Communication is key- a culture of quality is shared throughout all internal production lines to ensure that everyone is aware of the importance of their role in maintaining the highest level of quality.
The Company Facchi Franco philosophy and mission are summarised in this document, displayed in all production lines.


100% Automatic Control Service

The Quality Service engineers the Control Cycle in response to the final customer’s requirements and the type of piece, defining the various final inspection phases.
The service allows inspection of all external dimensions and for any shavings inside through holes.
This enables us to guarantee delivery with a “Zero Defects” approach.

100% Manual Control Service

If required by the final customer and piece type, the Quality Department is able to offer a 100% manual grading service.
This service is able to detect critical defects on complex geometries, on which automatic chamber sorting is not effective.
This inspection procedure detects visual defects such as dents, uneven threads and bevels, or shavings in internal grooves.


The Quality Service controls all phases of the processes, subdivided as follows:

Raw Material Acceptance

1 - Raw Material Acceptance

Incoming material is thoroughly inspected with sample tests on metallographic specimens to detect any internal cracks and avoid in-production stoppages. Material is not released for production until approved by the Quality Service.

Production Start Approval

2 - Production Start Approval

Once the Production Machine Setup has been completed, the Quality Service performs the Production Start Approval inspection, checking the conformity of the piece . They check that the machine is fitted with the equipment needed for the control and production of the article code concerned. The production lathes await the end of the Approval process before starting to produce.

SPC Stations

3 - SPC Stations

In-production inspections are directly recorded at 5 control stations equipped with Optical Machines, Roughness Tester and Workbench Instruments. Control cycles are engineered by the Quality Service joined with the Technical Department to guarantee that all design dimensions are checked and verified at the set frequency.

Staff Training

4 - Staff Training

The Quality Service is responsible for indoor staff training who oversees the production.
All operators are trained to verify the conformity of Customer Specific Requirements across all production shifts. Staff are also trained to use advanced measurement tools such as CMM, optical machines and profilometers.

Piece Cleaning

5 - Vacuum treatment cycle

Washing cycles are engineered directly by the Quality Service, to guarantee the conformity of all pieces and prevent any damages during this phase.

Surface Heat Treatments

6 - Surface Heat Treatments

The Quality Service verifies the conformity of heat and surface treatments with strict Inspection Plans and scheduled Audits of external subcontractors. All production batches are thoroughly inspected both before and after treatment by X-Ray and stress tests through external laboratories.

Metrology Lab

7 - Metrology Lab

Torneria Facchi Franco has always strived for the company’s products and technologies to have an unbeatable quality . The company has an advanced metrology lab with controlled temperature and humidity.
Thanks to this technology, FF can ensure that all customers are satisfied with their requests, concerning dimensional measurement and special coating of the pieces.